Day 8


Today, we visited VinaCapital, a major asset management and consulting firm based in Ho Chi Minh City. The company’s high-rise could have easily blended in with the skyscrapers of Manhattan, and its offices were no less impressive.

VinaCapital has four major, diverse funds that contain assets liquid enough to process stock redemption requests on a daily basis. It recently migrated its stock and now trades its shares on the London Stock Exchange.

The Vietnamese government does not place limits on the amount of stock that can be traded or for what price it can be sold, but it does place restrictions on the percentage of foreigners that can have ownership in an asset fund.

Vietnamese citizens can purchase private stock, though the majority of the population doesn’t take advantage of investing opportunities due to public distrust of large financial institutions. The biggest challenge facing corporations like VinaCapital is educating the population on the benefits of investing their money–a tall task considering less than half of native Vietnamese keep their money in bank accounts.

VinaCapital Foundation is a subsidiary organization of VinaCapital that focuses on aiding children in rural areas of the country with medical equipment and support. The Foundation is technically supported by its parent corporation financially, the two do not cross over in terms of business operations.

VinaCapital’s in-depth business model, intense level of professionalism, and unique adaptations to Vietnam’s growing economy make it extremely competitive in its industry and an attractive place to spend a career in finance abroad.

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