Day 8: VinaCapital and it’s (fun)ds

Sorry for the crappy joke in the title, but it is an indicator of what today’s site visit was focused on.

Today, after the most amount of time that we have been allowed to sleep in for on the entire trip, we left for a site visit to VinaCapital investment firm. Yes, today’s schedule was a little different with our site visit in the morning instead of the afternoon.  Anyway, VinaCapital is one of the largest asset management groups in Vietnam, with over 1.8 billion dollars of assets under it’s management. VinaCapital (“Vina” meaning Vietnam in the name) is a real estate development investor whose main goal, like all investment firms, is to create the best returns for other investors through strategic investments and divestments. This company employs financial agents to continually monitor all funds that VinaCapital has investments in for different companies.  One interesting question on our blog prompt was about VinaCapital and the Vietnam stock exchange, meanwhile they do not trade on the Vietnam Stock exchange. In reality, this company trades quite successfully on the London stock exchange. When the Chief Investment Officer, Andy Ho, was asked about this situation he claimed that for now, VinaCapital has no need to move its business elsewhere and that the London Stock Exchange works perfectly for them! Another interesting aspect to VinaCapital is that there are limits that VinaCapital employees are subjected to. For example, they cannot accept gifts that are over $250 from companies and they are unable to trade a stock that the company will trade within the next few days. This check system falls under risk management and compliance, an “exciting” and growing field in business.

Also, VinaCapital has a fund that they continue to work with under the mentality that their success will be portrayed in the continuing success of their foundation. This foundation works to help families with children suffering from congenital heart failure. I believe that this is an amazing way for a successful company like this to give back.

After that site visit we have language and then culture class and then the rest of the night is up in the air!!

Vinacapital office.JPGvinacapital building.JPG

Sorry, I know this was one of my more bland blog posts but today’s focus was more professional and less exotic like the past two days.

Anyway, until next time!


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