W left Xi’an early in the morning and took the high speed train for 6 hours to Shanghai. We had about 30 mins of settling down into the hotel (our room was the nicest and biggest that we’ve had since in China) and then we went to the Shanghai Modern History Museum. Here we saw wax figures and replicas of what life was like ikn Shanghai. Our hotel is in the French concession, the area that the French occupied when they lived in China during the second world war. The replicas of the Chinese living with the Europeans was really cool. They were huge western houses and it was also sad to see while some lived in wealth others lived in great poverty.

Dinner time! We went to a famous Shanghai restaurant and it was absolutely incredible. The food was spicy which is my favorite. I would be okay with eating there everyday if I could. Shanghai has the 2nd tallest building in the world and around this building there are many many beautiful skyscrapers. So far, Shanghai has not disappointed me at all. After dinner, it was pretty dark outside and Shanghai was lit and very beautiful. We were on a way to see even more of the scenic view but on a boat. I was very excited. Of course while waiting in line to enter the cruise ship, we were cut by a bunch of old people. This is something that hasn’t changed no matter where we were in China. The older people are just very impatient and think it’s okay to cut at all times. I have noticed differences between the cities, from lowest amount of stares to highest amount of stares we got in each city, it’s Shanghai, Beijing, and Xi’an. Xi’an was ridiculous but it was an experience I guess. Back to the cruise, we moved slowly and gently across the water and got many opportunities to look at the amazing scenery and take pictures. It was very awesome and it’s something I would definitely do again. Shanghai is my favorite city so far and I am excited for the time I’ll be spending here! Thanks for reading:)

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