Undecided to Finance Major

Today we visited Vina Capital. It was a lot of information to take in during their presentation. Vina Capital is a leading investment management and real estate development firm. They are one of the nation’s first venture capital funds. The corporation combines international investment expertise with local market knowledge to help companies thrive in the operation environment in Vietnam.  They manage approximately 1.8 billion dollars of assets. They take investments in multiple funds. Vina Capital focuses on gaining investments from other companies to accrue interest while being held within the firm to maximize returns. They trade in the London stock exchange instead of the Vietnamese stock market because they receive a better value. Since Vietnam has a cash based economy, the corporation struggles to acquire big investors. Many Vietnamese citizens do not trust them to manage their funds. This is why private-ownership investments are less popular. Since the citizens are mostly uneducated about investment funds, the company works hard to provide information to potential clients to gain their trust. The foundation and asset management group works together by exchanging funds in between companies. Vina Capital is the anchor donor to the foundation, which means that they own a great deal of stock and ownership of the company. The meeting with the corporation executives helped me figure out a lot about which my future in business school. Before college, I was leaning towards a finance major, but I would often waiver from that plan. After realizing how interested I was in this topic from today, I am more confident with taking the finance route.


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