Donghua University

This morning, I woke up with just enough time to get ready to visit Donghua University. With no coffee or breakfast, I headed onto the bus. The drive was very short, and we started walking to the classroom. One of the first things I noticed upon entering the campus was the number of foreigners walking around the campus. I was intrigued by this because at the last university visit, we were told it is not worth it for foreigners to study in China unless you want to remain in the country, since foreign companies will not know of Chinese university compared to a degree from Northwestern or other famous American institution.  We then listened to a lecture about the smartphone industry and ecommerce for around an hour and a half. The speaker was very dynamic compared to the speaker at CUFE, and he was a foreigner as well, from Togo. A lot of the information overlapped from the previous lecture, but this was not bad, since the familiarity with the topic refreshed our knowledge and helped us understand it deeper than we may have the first time around. One of the things that stood out from the lecture was when he spoke to us about Chinese cloud services, offered by companies like Tencent. In the U.S., the primary cloud servers used are iCloud, Google Drive, and perhaps the cloud service Microsoft offers. I do not use any other than Google Drive and iCloud. iCloud and other cloud services in the States only offer small amounts of storage for free and then you have to pay them. However, Tencent gives 10 TB of storage for free. That is more than enough storage for my own lifetime, again services in China continue to amaze me. After the lecture was over, the university paired two Pittsburgh students with one student from Donghua and we were able to talk with them over lunch. Apparently, Donghua is one of the best fashion schools in China, which explains the large amount of foreign students. Also, with a student body only around 2000, many students know each other. Compared to the culture we learned about in CUFE, the students here seemed more relaxed, at least compared to American college culture. This campus was also an urban campus, like Pitt, however it is enclosed from the rest of the city, you have to come in and out through a main gate. After all this, my main take away from today’s trip is to see how I can use Tencent’s 10 TB of free storage back in the States.IMG_4455

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