University Visit, H&M, and Mexican Food

I keep waking up later and later each day and end up not eating breakfast. The was the same during the school year because I had 8ams and I went from waking up at 6:45 at the beginning of the semester to 7:35 by the end of the semester. I need to wake up because breakfast is important, especially since we have activities planned for each day. Anyways, after breakfast we rode the bus to Donghua University. There we got a Briefing on e-commerce and the smartphone business the China. It was really informative and also pretty cool because he’s someone who’s from Togo (country in West Africa) and has lived in China for about 25 years I believe. Both lectures we’ve had at the two universities we visited emphasized how almost everything in China is done online and through their smartphones. People barely use PCs. I also thought it is really interesting that the people in less developed cities are the ones who order online the most. This is because they don’t have the physical stores available to them. I also noticed that a few people who live in China gave mention 11/11 and it’s importance to e-commerce in China. November 11 is singles day in China and the revenues from this day is more than triple the amount of that of cyber Monday in the U.S.

After the lecture it was lunch time. We were divided into 12 groups and each group had a student from the university. My student’s English name is Cocoa and she’s a sophomore with the major of accounting at the university. She was really nice and easy to talk to. We went to the cantene for lunch and there were so many options to pick from. It was a lot of food to eat and couldn’t finish it all in time and on my way out, I accudentmy spilled some of my soup on an innocent person. I felt so bad because she was just a regular student, minding her own business and having lunch with her friends. I apologized but like aww. We then took a campus tour and it was pretty big I would say. Also at Pitt we have a lot of birds but at Donghua they have lots of stray cats. We did a group activity after and it was to craft the Chinese knot pendant. I inserted a picture of what mine looked like and what it should’ve looked like. Arts and crafts is not my thing. After this, our organized activities for the day was done.

I took a short nap after I got back to the hotel then went to H&M with a few other girls. All the other stores in the mall were expensive so H&M was the way to go. They had really cute clothes but I didn’t want to overspend. After H&M, we joined a bunch of other people and it ended up being 13 of us. We had Mexican food (I always forget to take pictures of my food). I got the chicken fajita and it was absolutely amazing. After dinner, we walked around and my feet was killing me because I was wearing really flat shoes. But hey, once again, I survived. Thanks for reading:)

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