Heutige Abenteuer: The Final Presentation

Today we presented our PowerPoints on our companies that we have been creating over the past week. Not much happened today other then last minute touch-ups, practicing the presentation, and then actually presenting. But before I talk about the presentations, I’m gonna touch on how amazing my lunch at the University’s cafeteria was. I had salmon wrapped in a pastry with a delicious sauce, some cooked vegetables on the side, and a fresh berry smoothie. For dessert, I had pastry balls filled with Nutella paired with some creamy sweet white sauce. I have included a picture; however, it was taken after I already started eating because I almost forgot to take the picture. That’s how delicious the food tasted! Regarding the presentations, I was a little nervous for mine, but overall, I felt very prepared and comfortable talking about SGL Group. I really have learned so much about the company and how they are involved in the automotive industry, as well as others. After listening to and watching the other groups present, I think they all demonstrated a fantastic understanding of each of their companies, and I know I was extremely engaged in each presentation. I was surprisingly sad after the presentations ended because it finally hit my that my time in Germany was reaching its end.

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