From Business To Beauty

Day 10: Today we went to the Cat Lai terminal and traveled to the Reunification Palace. The Cat Lai terminal is probably the biggest port in Vietnam. From this port, many goods are brought and shipped to various places. Many different big companies use this port, one big one being mentioned is Samsung.

The terminal itself offers many different services. One of course is the storage and transportation of cargo. This is the main option and purpose of the port. This port in particular however can offer other goods and services, such as keeping the temperature of certain crates under control. The workers at the port will constantly check if the crate is changing temperature using special fans and such. If the crate and its cargo are ruined, it is up to the port to pay for it. The Cat Lai Terminal is the biggest port and most modernly upgraded for a reason. This port happens to fall along many of the big trade routes that head around the world. Because Vietnam itself is mostly made up of coast, it makes sense that there would be at least one perfect area for the port to be put. The port itself houses usually three types of crates for sendoff. These crates include 20 foot, 40 foot and 45 foot. Depending on the size of the vessel and the size of the crates used, one shipment can include thousands of these massive crates.

The reunification palace was an entirely different world, more of a social tourist spot opposed to a business oriented one. The palace itself was a marvel, using many different fascinating architectural techniques, nothing you would see in a standard US building. There were many rooms and offices for the people of various positions. Of course, no one works in these rooms and offices anymore because the palace has been given away to history for the most part. At every corner, there were fine carpets and large tables for meeting rooms. The room for the president’s family even had an indoor garden with a small waterfall!

The palace itself, while fancy, is considered to be a symbol of multiple things, depending on the time period. Before the war, the palace was more a symbol of independence for south Vietnam from its northern brothers. However, when the war ended and the north took over, the palace became more of a symbol of the reunification of Vietnam, hence the name it was given. The palace itself was a marvel of beauty and culture and one day I hope to show others about it.

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