Largest Port in the World

Today we visited the Yangshan Port, the largest deep water port in the world. During the 2 hour bus ride there, an American who now works as a freighter in Shanghai spoke with us. He talked about his field of work, which deals heavily with the major of Supply Chain Management, and gave us time to ask him one on one questions. His speech made me appreciate the process of how products travel into my own home. I never realized the variables that go into shipping products, such as shelf life and cost of transport, nor did I consider the size of these ports. On our way to get there, we passed Shanghai Disney, a 22 km bridge, and windmills that were in the middle of the ocean. Soon, we started to see the beginning of the port, with large cranes and a seemingly endless amount of containers. The first section we saw, as told by the speaker, was built in only the past 2 months by the government. This section was already filled with containers and operating! The bus kept climbing on top of a hill, and we saw the port through the window the whole time, its enormous size left me in amazement, as cranes kept loading containers on the biggest ships I have ever seen. The bus then stopped and we reached a viewpoint above the port’s main entrance, leaving us with a wonderful view of both the port, and the surrounding landscape of the island. Afterwards, we ate lunch at another mall. One thing that stood out from this lunch was this dish of purple, moon sand textured item, with a layer of cheese on top. While I am glad I immersed myself in the culture and tried this dish, I hope to never try it again. Our day ended very early today, so we took this extra time to work on our final project. I noticed the group is a lot easier to work with, and the project is less like a chore, compared to our early presentation, now that we all have had these last two weeks to get to know each other and have brand new experiences.  I am looking forward to presenting our idea, and seeing what the other groups will present as well.IMG_4286

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