Heutige Abenteuer: Ulm and Goodbyes

Ulm was on the agenda today and so was the 768 step climb we have all been excited (maybe?) for. The church tower we climbed was the highest Catholic church tower to exist and we did it first thing in the morning. I wasn’t feeling too hot because it was a lot of stairs that spiraled up in a tight space, but the view at the top was spectacular. If I can do that, I can definitely climb Cathy back home! After the steps, we met with our tour guide to take a tour of Ulm. We learned about the Sparz sparrow, Ulms “symbol,” and how it represented being a little cooky. I thought that was very cute because we are all a little crazy in our own way. We then saw town hall, a gorgeous river, some beautiful buildings, and a leaning hotel. Okay, so this hotel was literally leaning downward and in the one room, which you can rent out, you have to have blocks under your bed to try and equalize the height so your don’t feel like your sliding one way. I would probably never be comfortable sleeping in that hotel, but then again, it is the world’s most leaning hotel so maybe I would stay in it if I got the opportunity. For lunch, we got delicious savory and sweet crepes as our meal. I got a steak, pesto, mushroom, and fried egg crepe and like everything I’ve eaten before, it was exceptional. Of course though, my friends and I had to split some dessert crepes and we devoured a banana and Nutella crepe and a caramelized apple and ice cream crepe in a matter of minutes. We all felt so stuffed afterwards! After our trip home, we had an hour or so of free time and then our goodbye dinner with all the American and German students. We went to a place called “Ratskeller” in downtown Augsburg and enjoyed some traditional German food and a nice meal outside. My group hung out after the dinner to say more goodbyes. We sat and talked about everything from traveling, education, food, entertainment, and anything else you can think of for hours. It was a really nice and relaxing afternoon.


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