Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park

Today we visited the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park. The business allows companies to order specific factory buildings which are built to perfection. The Industrial Park also has houses, apartments, 2 university’s, restaurants, a shopping mall, and much more.

At the presentation given by VSIP, I learned that the original company began with the Prime Minister of Vietnam asking the Singapore government to invest in the area an hour outside of Saigon, allowing for foreign profit and help for the struggling Vietnamese economy. VSIP is appealing to businesses because it is outside of the overcrowded streets of Saigon, but still only an hour away by car.

After the VSIP site visit, we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant at the VSIP shopping mall. Japanese food here is delicious, since it is somewhat close to Japan and the Japanese have many investments in Vietnam. After, I got a massage in a mall massage chair and bought a sundae from Jubilee.

Our last site visit was II-VI incorporated, located within VSIP and specializing in the manufacturing of lasers and lenses. The account for 10% of the market share in this industry. They also employ 10,000 workers in 14 different countries. A chief engineer, who was from Florida originally, showed us around the different factory floors where II-VI Vietnam manufactures their products.

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