Day of Dumplings

We had a very early start to our Friday. The group met in the lobby at 6 am so we could leave for the train station in Xi’an to make our 8:05 departure. The train station was huge and extremely crowded. Luckily, the station had a Starbuck. I would not have been able to survive today without it.

Our large group eventually boarded the high speed train that passed through beautiful farms. The train traveled at around 200km per hour!! After about six hours, we found our other bus and headed towards the hotel then drove a drum tower. Although I enjoyed seeing the drums, it was a difficult visit because most of us were starving from being up so long. Luckily, the restaurant was right next to the drum tower.

The meal we had this night was my favorite meal of the trip so far! We went to dumpling restaurant that served us many courses of dumplings. Our table tried chicken, pork, shrimp, mushroom, fish, walnut, cheese, tomato, and even other types of dumplings. The cool thing about these dumplings were that they were in cute shapes. For example, the spicy chicken dumpling was in the shape of a chicken and fish dumpling looked like a little fish.

We walked through the Muslim Street on our way back to the hotel. The street was filled with hundreds of people buying local foods from the street vendors. They had meats, noodle, sweets, fruit, and so much more. This market is open 24 hours! If we hadn’t just eaten a huge dinner, we would have tried all of the local snacks. The group decided we will come back to the Muslim Street for dinner tomorrow.

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