Day 12: Making Yu-se of Our Last Day

It was amazing to think that today was already the last day of our trip. Our final sightseeing destination was the Yu Garden. Unlike many previous destinations, this place was not built for royalty or religion. Instead it was created by a government official seeking to please his parents. I hope they were proud, because the gardens were beautiful. Ornate buildings overlooked expansive koi ponds, and there were even artificial rock structures (apparently held together with sticky rice). I also found it amazing that there was a 400-year-old Gingko tree in one of the courtyards (That’s over 100 years older than the united states government!).  It was the perfect place to reflect on our travels and what we had learned. Afterwards, we were given some free time in the surrounding markets, and I was able to test out my bargaining skills. I succeeded in getting a fidget spinner for my sister for a little over a dollar (I still felt that I was getting conned somehow, but as of writing this the device is still working). We had some free time after the visit, which I spent with my group members practicing for our final presentation. I had just enough time to get some ramen noodles from the convenience store before it was time to meet in the lobby. Ironically, we left our hotel and traveled for about 10 minutes to another hotel just to use their presentation rooms. I thought everyone’s presentations went well, and didn’t find it surprising that most groups chose to develop ecommerce applications. The last dinner we had at the Silk Road restaurant may have been my favorite (definitely my top three along with the dumpling meal and the hotpot), as we were served skewers of meat, fish, duck, chicken, and countless other dishes. My only regret is that I could not take any of the leftovers home with me. As I returned to my hotel room and gazed out over the city, I was reminded once again of how grateful I was to have had this opportunity to learn and experience so much of china in two short weeks. I know that though I may be leaving, this will not be the last time I visit. Until then, zàijiàn!

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