Day 11: TE Connectivity and DuPont Site Visits

Today we visited two companies in Shanghai: TE Connectivity and DuPont. TE Connectivity is a company that designs and manufacturers connectivity and sensor solutions for various industries. We had the chance to see the factory where they make a variety of products like connectors, fiber optics, and sensors. The factory was very impressive; they utilized robots for a large part of the production process. It is evident that the company is innovative and implementing new technology. Although the robots are quite expensive and a huge initial investment, they provide a considerable increase in efficiency; they are capable of producing much more in the same time.

We then visited the DuPont China Research and Development Center. The center is focused on materials research for a variety of products in different industries such as automotive, photovoltaic, computer, and packaging. They took us on a tour through some of their labs where they were working on photovoltaic products which create electrical power from capturing solar energy. They run multiple tests on the solar cells that they use that test their durability in intense heat. There was also another lab with a noise proof room to test if different automotive parts create noise.

Both company visits showed me how new technology is helping to improve efficiency and product development. In China especially, it seems to be a theme that companies are extremely innovative and focused on imporving systems already in place. There are many R&D centers for companies all around the world, but China tends to be a common location to set them up because of the innovative culture.

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