Day 3: Living Like Luther

Tuesday marked our first company visit: Faurecia. Aside from sporting cool lab coats, we were able to experience the inner workings of their factory. Faurecia tests companies’ automobiles and engines, which we got to witness firsthand. The most interesting part was standing in a soundproof room where the sounds of the engines and exhausts are measured.

Lunch was in Augsburg on our own, and then we rejoined for a Martin Luther-focused tour. Since 2017 marks the 500th year since the priest posted his 95 theses, we saw a plethora of churches and landmarks that contributed to Luther’s life. It was interesting to see the varying styles of the churches: from very old and traditional to modern that were rebuilt after the Second World War.

After the tour, a professor of some sorts presented, and then solicited an insightful debate about religion and then politics. It was interesting to see how other nations view ours and the different perspectives they bring to the same topics. 

We then had the rest of the day to ourselves, so we got dinner at a restaurant without an English menu, but we ended up with tasty food on our plates so it could have gone far worse. Then began the search for gelato that the students from last year had raved about. We asked locals for directions, and found many gelato places, but they all were closed. I vowed not to leave Germany before trying the gelato.

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