Day 12: Final Project

After visiting a lovely garden in the morning, it was time to present our final project. My group’s project was based on our idea for an application called “SeeSaw”. It utilized mixed reality to create a social platform that is interactive and innovative. Similar to Pokemon Go, the user points the phone at a specific area and images come up on the screen of a mobile phone. There are three types of tags that come up on the screen: Social media tags, informational tags, and advertisements. The social media tags are user generated and contain pictures, comments, and allow users to exchange information on wechat to connect with one another (if mutually agreed to do so). The informational tags are created by area that you are at, either a historical site or museum, that provide factual information. These tags eliminate the need for physical text and can be translated into any language for international visitors. The advertising tags are our main source of revenue; different companies can create tags on the platform to advertise products.

Our app takes advantage of the popularity of mobile phones in China. Nearly 95% of the online population in China accesses the internet through their mobile phones. In addition, mixed reality technology is constantly improving which will allow our app continue to perform.

Since this app is a new niche market that we are calling “Mixed Reality Social Media”, there is no previous user experience or feedback that we can base our decisions off of initially. This makes it vital to keep careful watch over how it performs and make changes as necessary. As the app continues to be used, we can start to collect data to analyze trends and make our app more efficient and user friendly.

From my experience in China, I was able to see how mobile phone use and mixed reality can be used to create a new business.

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