-.- ..- -.- .- (May 11, 2017)

We had a special breakfast today.  We got to sleep in until 9:30 and we took the bus to Baindlkirch where we had a traditional Bavarian breakfast of weisswurst which is a white veal sausage.  It is eaten with pretzels and a sweet mustard sauce.  I ate three and I was stuffed.  You have to eat the sausage in a very particular way, but you will have to go to Germany to find out how.  The place where we ate is owned by a butcher who originally made the sausage for people who were doing work on his house, but it grew and grew and now it is famous for its breakfast.  We also go to see how the sausage was made.  After breakfast, we went back to the hotel to change to get ready for the visit to KUKA.  When we got to KUKA, we got to see their incredible new showroom.  They had VR displays of their factory, a robot that could draw with light, and other information displays with robots.  We then got to see their factory and how they produced their robots.  They unsurprisingly used other robots, but they also used quite a few employees.  They have a range of products from small robots used in the electronics industry to their Titan that has a workload of 1.3 tons.  They also create mobile platforms that use mecanum wheels that allow for omnidirectional movement.  They also have cool R&D projects such as using deep learning to allow the robots to improve their processes during their inactive period and to predict when their parts will fail.  They are also working on improving the interaction between robots and humans by increasing safety, improving sensors, and creating better interfaces.  Visiting KUKA was like a dream come true.

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