The Glass Slipper Did Not Fit

Today was the day that this princess was finally going to see her first (real) castle! The weeks leading up to my trip people kept asking me what things I would be doing and every time I would answer “seeing the castle that inspired Cinderella’s castle!” You could say I was very excited for today.

As we first approached the castle, I realized there are two! Apparently King Ludwig II wanted to build a bigger castle where his father already had one. Sadly, we did not get to go into the other castle, but I am looking into how to own it.

In order to get to the Neuschwanstein castle we had to walk a while. When we finally got close, I realized it was under construction. The normal view was not good because the scaffoldings were in the way. When we went for a tour of the inside, we were told no pictures and it was so short. I was so disappointed in the castle; Disney’s is better by far. The inside was very gaudy because of the paintings on the walls, but the view of the back of the castle was very cool.

After our castle visit, we went to a small town for lunch. We then got free time where we went exploring and ate plenty of desserts. It was a very nice town and I loved how a man was playing the saxophone in the middle of the town square. We just sat around a fountain, eating gelato, and listening to him play for almost our entire free time. I enjoy just being in the moment and taking it all in because I know I will miss everything when I leave. Once we were done, we then went to a beautiful church that was a pilgrimage. While I do enjoy looking at churches, they all seem to look the same at this point. We saw a lot today, which was very interesting; however, I am still disappointed in the castle.


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