Car Wars Episode XIV: Home Stretch

Saturday, May 20 marked the official end of the Plus3 program and my departure from Germany back to the “U.S. of A”. With that being said, I would like to make some concluding thoughts about my two weeks in the “wunder”-ful country of Germany:

Visiting the production plants of companies in the German automotive supply chain greatly furthered my understanding of the engineering processes behind the manufacturing of cars, as well as the business strategies the companies use to maximize their success. I have acquired a lot of in-depth knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes of making German automobiles, and I can confidently share what I have learned with my friends and family back home.

Going on excursions and tours across southern Germany made this program very enjoyable. In fact, this component of the program was my personal favorite; visiting famous sights and climbing the tallest towers to get the most beautiful panoramic views were absolutely meaningful and rewarding. This goes without saying, but learning about the history of the area while directly marveling at the sights themselves is far, far better than just reading about it in a textbook–no words can express how deeply grateful I am to have these awesome experiences and be immersed in the landscapes of Germany so early in my undergraduate career.

Working with students at the University of Augsburg was a fulfilling and educational experience. I could tell that my German colleagues were really driven to work hard–it’s astounding that they have to write a 25-page paper at the conclusion of the program! Through our conversations, I learned a lot about German culture that I didn’t really know before. I was even able to practice speaking German with my new friends! They have been very friendly and welcoming, and I intend to keep in touch with them whenever I can.

In conclusion, prior to the start of this program, I expected to learn a lot of interesting information and gain unforgettable cultural experiences. The program itinerary definitely exceeded my high expectations! I have appreciated every moment in this journey, and the balance between academics and sightseeing was quite “perfekt”.

I will definitely miss Germany, and I would like to come back as often as I can in the future.

And thus, my European expedition comes to a close. Stay tuned for Episode XV, where I will write a detailed blog about how I deal with jetlag.

…Just kidding.

Thank you very much for your interest in reading what I had to say about my first time studying abroad. I hope you enjoyed my blog (despite my quirky writing style and pun overload). Auf Wiedersehen, and “may the cars be with you”.

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