Day 5 – Train, Drum Tower, & Muslim Street

We had to get up super early this morning and be down in the lobby at 6am! We got bagged breakfast which was good but I was too tired to enjoy most of it. We got to the train station which was similar to an airport. We had to stand in a long line to show our ticket and then put our bags through security. We finally got to our gate for our train. When we got onto the train, it was super stressful trying to find a spot for all of our luggage. We all got situated and prepared for our 5 hour train ride. I started off attempting to sleep but when that didn’t work, I watched some episodes of “The Office” that I downloaded on Netflix prior to the train ride. That lasted about an hour, so I had 4 more hours to kill. I decided to try getting more sleep, as if I haven’t had enough already. The lunch on the train didn’t appeal to me so I refrained and waited to get it later. The train ride finally ended and getting out of the train station felt like we were entering an oven on the Sun. We were also greeted with many photos being taken of us. It was overwhelming hot and sunny and we had to walk far to our bus. We got on the bus and soon made it to our new hotel. The lobby was so nice and our rooms did not disappoint. We had an hour to get ready for our drum tower tour and tour of Muslim street so I had a protein bar and my last bag of goldfish. We got back on the bus when it was time and we visited the drum tour. We were again treated like celebrities receiving many photos. There were many drums surrounding the tower, hence the name, and Candice and I decided to bang on the drums. Turns out we aren’t supposed to bang on the drums and we got yelled at, so we just quickly walked away. We walked up to the top of the drum tower and the view was overlooking the town of Xi’an. After this, we walked over to the restaurant famous for its dumplings. I had SO many dumplings that I never wanted to see them again. That’s a lie but we must have received 10-15 plates of different kinds of dumplings. Anyways after eating my own weight in dumplings, we all made our way to Muslim street. This street has many vendors selling different cuisine and souvenirs. To describe in one word the street is hectic. Out tour guide told us to stay together like sticky rice because it’s easy to get lost and she was right. There were many turns that could get us lost especially because most the vendors sell similar stuff. We left the street and walked back to our hotel and Candice and I decided to go back to Muslim street. Along our walk to the street, we found a roller rink that seemed like so much fun. We walked in and the people barely spoke english but were excited we were there so made their best effort, as we did the same, to communicate with each other. We figured out it was pretty cheap but figured our feet were way too tired to skate so we told them we may come back later. We walked even further and finally found Muslim street. We strolled the street for about an hour and got fruit popsicles. I’m not entirely sure what flavor my popsicle was supposed to be but it tasted good. We then decided to come back to the hotel and around 10 pm I fell asleep

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