A Real Bavarian Breakfast

Like every day since arriving in Germany, I had sausage for breakfast today.  However, I didn’t have my plain turkey sausage and cheese sandwich at the hotel.  Today, we went to a restaurant that specializes in a certain type of wurst that comes from lamb.  I remember thinking after my first breakfast at the hotel how German my sandwich was.  Well, that seems foolish after today.  At this place, I had two pieces of what can be described as lamb sausage, a pretzel, and carbonated water (which I feel like I am getting used to now).  After we finished eating, we got to briefly watch the people in the kitchen making the wurst.  Overall, I was satisfied with my morning.

We then returned to the hotel.  I felt the need to take a nap here; waking up in the middle of the night for the Penguins was worth it but I was definitely feeling the effects of it.  After waking up, I met with the group before departing on the streetcar to visit my company, KUKA.  This was exciting for two reasons.  First, I would be able to ask questions and learn about the company about which I had to present, and second, I was genuinely interested in learning about KUKA.

To start the tour there, we entered a hallway with a timeline on the wall telling the history of the company.  The hallway led to a dark room with two robotic arms in the center.  The robots, with the help of a projector and some props, gave us a show that displayed the abilities of the robots and the vision of the company.  We could also explore this room, in which there were other robots that performed various tasks.


Leaving this room was sad, but I was excited for the next step, which was the factory tour.  It was interesting to see KUKA’s robots building other robots, which then would build more robots along with other products for other companies.  Lastly, we listened to the usual presentation, but here, we got to see videos of robots doing unimaginable things, such as playing soccer, transporting objects, and even being controlled by the mind of someone who had suffered a stroke.  Seeing this company left me inspired and in awe of what is likely to be possible in my lifetime.

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