Church Here, Church There! (Tuesday, May 9)

Today was the first company visit where we took the tram all the way to Faurecia. Faurecia is “a global leader, providing innovative solutions and qualitative equipments to the automotive industry.” The specific location that we visited was more focused on the R&D of exhaust components, where they perform heat testing and sound testing. I thought the facilities were pretty neat and the jobs that I saw seemed like something I could potentially see myself doing in the future, as I would like to use my engineering education to focus in the automotive industry. There were lots of interesting testing equipment and many cars and engines located throughout the tour route. One of the coolest parts of the tour was all the soundproof rooms that I were so silent I could hear my own thoughts.


We left Faurecia and headed back for downtown Augsburg, where we had some free time to acquire some nourishments (aka lunch) and just to hang out. My nourishments included two pretzels with butter from two separate places. This was when I decided to try pretzels from every different place I could find. After enjoying those pretzels, I learned a hard truth about Germany (and Europe in general): public bathrooms are rarely free. And at this moment in time, I was not willing to part with fifty cents just to use the bathroom.


While still not having relieved myself, we met at Koenigsplatz to walk to where we began the Luther tour. This tour was particularly significant this year, because it is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 theses. The tour mainly consisted of following our knowledgeable tour guide from church to church learning about Martin Luther and the Lutheran religion (same as Protestant). It was interesting to find out how much religious history belonged to the city of Augsburg and that it still exists today. Although walking from church to church does not necessarily appeal to me, all of the churches were beautiful in their own way with either the abundance of artwork of the lack thereof.


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