Day 9 – BMW and Olympic Tower

Monday May 15th, 2017


Today we headed to Munich for a tour of BMW World, my favorite site visit of the trip. BMW World was much more catered towards normal consumers, so it was much more built up and flashy than the other companies we visited. There were tons of new cars and motorcycles all over the lobby area that we got to sit in and take pictures of. They also had video games and simulations that let you pretend you were driving a BMW. We got some time to walk around this main lobby area before having our factory tour. The factory tour was interesting because we got to see the step-by-step production of BMW vehicles and I also noticed the use of many KUKA robots.


After the tour, we were supposed to go to the museum, but unfortunately it was closed. Instead, however, we went to the Olympic Park and got to go up the tower, which allowed us to look over the park and Munich from up above. We then walked around the area for a little before the bus took us back home to Augsburg.


Tomorrow we will be heading to a castle, which I am very excited for!



Rolls-Royce at BMW World

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