A Solemn Experience (Sunday, May 14)

Today was on the lighter side with regards of different things happening, which will be reflected in the length of this blog. We took a bus, yet again, to Dachau, which is a WWII concentration camp located a little north of Munich. I really did not know what to expect from this visit and tour of Dachau, as I had only read about places like that in books and the internet. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about specifically Dachau and the entire concentration camp system throughout Europe. There were a few facts that stood out particularly. The first fact that none of the extermination camps, the ones where there were massive gas chambers and mass executions, were actually within the borders of Germany as Adolf Hitler did not want any of that on German soil, so they were in places like Auschwitz in Poland. The other fact that stood out was that the prisoners of Dachau went to work for companies such as Mercedes and Volkswagen throughout the war. It was just surprising to learn that those companies used the prisoners at the factories, but it does make sense because of the high demands of war. The entire experience of Dachau was both enlightening and solemn, as our tour guide was quite knowledgeable and could provide an insight that helped show what happened.



Before we got on the bus to leave, we had some butter pretzels which were delicious as ever. I managed to take a sub-par nap on the bus. But back at the hotel, I had time to take a proper nap in a bed before heading to the University to work on the company presentation. We met up with the German students to discuss more about what to work on for the presentation. Then, as a group we got dinner on campus at Il Porcino, another Italian restaurant. The pizza was wonderful and so was the conversations. The dinner conversations we had with the German students were very intellectual and enjoyable. Not much happened the rest of the night.

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