People Everywhere! (Saturday, May 13)

Today was another adventure away from Augsburg featuring a trip to Munich. It was a special day in Munich today because they were celebrating a religious festival which required many people to dress traditionally in clothing such as lederhosen. We started our day running to catch the train from Augsburg to Munich. Our day in Munich began with a tour, learning the history and different places around town. Midway through our tour at noon, we returned to the town center where we got to watch the Glockenspiel and learned the history of the town. The Glockenspiel was mechanically impressive, and I cannot even imagine designing something like it today, let alone back then. People in Munich must always be on time because I was able to turn 360 degrees and see at least four clock towers.


After the city tour, we had a few hours of free time to explore Munich and eat lunch. My lunch consisted of a pretzel bigger than my head from Viktualienmarkt, which is a daily food market and a square in the center of Munich, Germany. This market was really cool and there were lots of food options and places to eat. We got some gelato and were going to up the tower of St. Peter’s Church, but the line was too long and we wanted to make the most of our time. Instead, we decided to explore, and ultimately get lost. Somehow, we made our way back. But along the way, I saw a lot of cool cars a lot of neat sights. We eventually met at the beautiful fish fountain in front of the new town hall.


On our way to dinner we walked past the Bayerischer Hof, which is a very high end hotel, and there were a few Ferraris casually parked out front. The bathrooms inside were also of very high class. Our dinner was at a burger place called Hans im Glück, and I had an exceptional bacon cheeseburger. It seemed a little strange that we went all the way to Germany just to have burgers, but it was good enough that I need not complain. This restaurant even had trees everywhere you looked! Then after dinner we had to rush back to the train which fortunately did not leave without us.


Overall, Munich was a cool city, however, it seemed very touristy and there was a lot going on. I would go back, but on a much quieter day and see the rest of the city.

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