Sausage, Pretzels, and Robots (Thursday, May 11)

Today we had a later start than usual, so it was nice to get another hour of sleep. Myself, being the picky eater I am was worried about this morning in particular, as we took a very scenic trip to Baindlkirch to get traditional Bavarian sausages and pretzels for breakfast. I’m usually a fan of eating simple foods without much topping so eating fancy white sausages with a mustard dipping sauce was intimidating. I figured since I’m here and most likely won’t have this opportunity again any time soon, I might as well try as much as I can. So, I put on my big boy pants and tried all the breakfast options, and I was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful tastes. I’m really learning that it never hurts to try something new.


Following the breakfast, we had some time and then were told to meet at Koenigplatz to take a tram straight to KUKA, Brad was even there for the journey. KUKA, which is a robotics company that makes smart robotic arms for use in industry, was unlike no place I have been before. We started our day at KUKA with a historic overview of the company and a brilliantly put together brand experience. This was definitely the coolest company visit so far. We then embarked upon a guided factory tour where we got to see how the robots work, how they are built, and how they work with humans to work smarter. The factory tour was not too exciting, although it was cool to see a KUKA robot building another KUKA robot. And after seeing some of their robots in colors other than orange, I don’t think orange is the color for them. I think it would be really cool to both design the robots themselves, and the process for which the robots work together to create more robots.GalaydickM15

Tonight, we decided we would try the food at Unikum, which is a restaurant on campus at the university. However, getting there was more than just a simple tram ride. We were on our journey, as the tram took a sudden unexpected turn and asked everyone to get off. We ended up at what seemed to be a race of sorts. The only problem was that that was not the University, and we had not a clue of where we were, and there was no Google Maps to save us. Luckily, I had my handy-dandy pre-downloaded map of Augsburg that I did not know how to read. However, I managed to figure it out and we made our way, by foot, to the university. It paid off because Unikum actually had pretty good food as I tried their pizza and was delighted.

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