A Bund of Company Visits

Today was a day revolving around the wonders of engineering (as every day is). We began our day with a visit to TE Connectivity, a part manufacturer for certain electrical components that in some cases are used for the manufacture of cell phones. We started off the session with a Q&A corner, then we donned safety goggles for a tour of the manufacturing facilities. Loud and bustling, the workspace was full of machines of all shapes and sizes cutting, forming, and connecting. I was surprised at how few people populated the workspace; most machines ran on their own without a human in sight to monitor them, except for the space delegated for quality control, which was carried out by employees.

After leaving TE Connectivity, we went for lunch at a Cantonese restaurant. This meal left me with the usual feeling that it was the best meal so far (to be fair though, this one featured non-fruit dessert, giving it a major advantage). We then headed to the DuPont Research & Development Center, where we received a presentation outlining their latest projects such as longer lasting milk and washable wallpaper. We were then brought into a showroom full of their latest and most popular inventions, allowing us to get a firsthand look at what they are working on. After exploring the showroom, we were offered a tour of the research facilities. A group of students and I declined in order to learn more about (and sample) DuPont’s longer lasting (and slower melting) soft-serve ice cream. It tasted delicious, and did in fact take much longer to melt (as a generally slow eater, I can attest to that).

After leaving DuPont and working on our group presentation a bit, a group of us decided to head to Nanjing road for some dinner and shopping. Like typical Americans, we ended up eating at Pizza Hut. But, the meal was definitely a stretch from the usual U.S. Pizza Hut experience; we got peking duck pizza, pasta dishes, and dessert, all in a sit-down, hardwood clad environment. We then spent a little while exploring the shops before deciding to visit the Bund. After taking multiple subways to realize that our destination was actually just a short walk from Nanjing road, we finally reached the Bund at 11:00 pm… right as all of the lights on the buildings went off. Even without the impressive skyline lit up, the scene was still beautiful (and we took photos regardless, such as the one attached).

From TE Connectivity to DuPont to the Bund itself, our second to last day in Shanghai was one that really made us consider what it takes to create the environments we move through each day.

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