Cars, Cars, Cars (Monday, May 15)

This was the day I had been waiting for all along: the BMW Factory Tour and Museum. BMW world, which was where the tour began, was full of the entire BMW model lineup, as well as MINI and Rolls-Royce lineups. The factory tour was definitely the best of the trip and a great way to end the tours. If you ever pictured an automobile manufacturing assembly line, this was about it. The tour began with a short film about the brand and moved us through the factory, seeing every aspect of production from the sheet metal being stamped into body parts, to the body parts being spot welded together by automated robots (made by both KUKA and ABB), to the paint process and watching different body styles get painted, to the marriage of the body and drivetrain, and to final assembly. This was everything I could have dreamed of. It would be super neat to either design the cars or design the process in which they are produced.


After the tour, we had time to get lunch and explore BMW world, which luckily had a gift shop for me to spend all my money. We were then supposed to go the BMW Museum, which I was equally excited for, however, it just so happens to be closed on Mondays. That was mildly (more like very) disappointing. Despite the disappointment, we went to the Olympic Tower instead, at the sight of the 1972 Olympics. Atop the 291-meter-tall tower was a beautiful 360-degree view of Munich and the surrounding areas. The view was spectacular and this just adds to the list of tall objects I was on top of while in Germany. From the top of the tower one could see the soccer stadium and the entire Olympic Park. After the tower, we got to explore the park, which consisted of us “hiking” up to the top of a hill with a viewing platform. Here, we had yet another beautiful view of the Olympic Park and the Olympic Tower.



Although we did not get to go to the museum, it was still a fun-packed day with BMW World and the Olympic Park. The factory tour was probably my favorite part of the trip up to this point, and I would definitely go back to BMW World.

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