Day 5: Drum Tower and Muslim Street

The bulk of the day was spent travelling from Beijing to Xi’an. We took a bullet train that reached speeds of 200 mph, and even though the train is moving that fast it took four hours to reach Xi’an. When looking out the window it was funny to see the transition from the urban area of china to more rural area. You would see nothing but skyscraper sized apartment complexes then with no transition immediate farmland. Another thing that I had notice was all the trees were planted in rows, I do not remember ever seeing a natural patch of trees besides a patch of two or three.

Once we made it to Xi’an we met our next tour guide, Cindy, who brought us to our hotel to drop off our luggage, then to the drum tower. On the bus ride, there she would pronounce city as ci-ta, later I found out that was because when they learn English they learn British English. In Xi’an, there are two towers: the drum tower and the bell tower. Essentially these 700-year-old towers were the clock towers for the city.

After the that we walked to what “Muslim Street” which was a street of just pure chaos. One food vendor had a cooked cow carcass hanging on a chain and would cut parts of it and serve it to people. There were some small vendors selling clothes and knick-knacks, and my favorite vendor served frozen yogurt with fresh fruit in it.  They would pour the yogurt on a freezing metal plate and would add bits of fruit to it and have two scraps to dice and mix the fruit into the yogurt. When they were done, they would scrap the yogurt into rolls and serve it in a bowl.

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