Final Reflection

Before visiting Germany, I had some international experience from trips to Spain, Canada, and the Dominican Republic, but I had never done any work for school while abroad so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I thought the two weeks would be primarily work, including company visits and work on presentations, and “downtime” only at night.  I am very pleased that I was wrong.  It is true that we worked on our presentation over multiple days and that I was nervous about giving this presentation, but while I believed the company visits would be very business-like and dry, I was surprised that they were actually very interesting and engaging.  There were no points on the tours of the companies that I felt bored or uninterested, and obviously the same goes for the cultural visits such as Neuschwanstein and Ulm Minster.

As far as the Plus3 program goes, I appreciated the good planning by Dr. Feick and Brad from the University of Pittsburgh and Sonja from the University of Augsburg.  I felt that we had something interesting to do every day, but I did not feel overwhelmed by the amount of excursions and activities.  I also loved the food at the provided meals, including the breakfast.  What will I do without turkey sausage sandwiches every morning?  And what will I do without Italian food every other day for lunch or dinner?  And the same without pretzels?

Finally, Plus3 has introduced me to people that, first, I probably would not have met otherwise, and second, I hope to keep in contact with throughout college and beyond.  As someone who has been studying Spanish for six years, it would have made the most sense to choose Costa Rica instead of Germany for my Plus3 experience, but after spending the past two weeks in this beautiful country learning about topics that are interesting to me and eating food that I thought was delicious with people that all made the experience so much better, I know that I made right choice and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

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