Big Day! (Wednesday, May 17)

This was a big day. It was mildly uneventful but important. The day started semi-early as we met around 9:30 for breakfast in the hotel and then headed to the university. From 10 am to right up to 5 pm, we worked on our presentation, with only a small break for lunch.  Lunch was at the Mensa and I ate mostly potatoes, with fries and mashed, and green beans, and some unknown dessert that was doughy and filled with chocolate. I really made the most of my meal voucher as I filled my tray as much as I could.

After lunch, we finalized our slides and began practicing our presentation. Public speaking is not my forte so I was stressed out most of the day. The first time we practiced, I was a mess as I could not speak logically because my thoughts were quite disorganized. However, with each time practicing, I gained confidence and was more organized in both my thoughts and speech. The presentations began at 5 and we were practicing all the way to 4:55. But we made it on time and were fortunate enough to present first. Despite the stress, going first was good because afterwards, I could relax and just cruise through the rest of the presentations. It went well and I was proud of both myself and our entire group for all the hard work we put into it.


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