Day 12: The Final Day

            It is sad to say, but today was the last day that we were able to stay in China, and I wish I could say that I have zero regrets on the trip. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to go to the top of the Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world, which is something that I had wanted to do during my stay in Shanghai.

            Today consisted of going to the Yu Garden, preparing and presenting the final presentation, and having the farewell dinner.

            The Yu Garden was quite beautiful as we got to explore all of the rocks and ponds, but I think that my favorite part of the garden, obviously a more modern day addition, was seeing the wildlife flourish within the garden. I got a very close up picture with the turtles that were relaxing on the rocks on the side of one of the ponds. I also enjoyed seeing the massive rock structures because it made me think about how difficult it must have been during a technologically inferior time to move such massive objects.

            In my opinion, our group did a very strong job both coming up with an app that could thrive in the Chinese market, and then also actually verbalizing to the class how the app would work. Essentially, our group created an app that would be mutually beneficial to a consumer and seller and allow for the consumer to see online the lowest price of a good within a close proximity to his or her location. Another group came up with a similar app that focuses more on bartering, but it was fun to get to “compete” with this group in the market place.

            I realize I have said multiple times throughout these blog posts that such a meal was my favorite, but after eating the farewell dinner, it is safe to say that we have arrived at a winner. The farewell dinner was absolutely incredible, and it was great to meet the CEO of the Asia Institute, Mr. Feuling.

            Sadly, the remainder of the night was spent packing my bags and reminiscing about the wonderful opportunity given to us.

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  1. leilipitt2017 says:

    Regarding your favorite meal, it is safe to wait until your next visit to China:)

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