Day 3: Seats, Interiors, and Clean Mobility (May 9)

Today was the day of the first company visit, Faurecia.  Faurecia is my team’s group.  Faurecia is a tier 1 supplier to many car companies, making seats, interiors, and exhaust systems.  We took the street car there early in the morning and were greeted with a table full of snacks and drinks.  We later learned about their business model, employee relations, and some things about their engineering process.  We finished with a short tour of their facility, which is their clean mobility headquarters.

I was really shocked at how well they treated us at Faurecia.  I could tell that they really saw our visit as an opportunity to teach us about their company and what they stand for.  This attitude towards others is also shown in their “Being Faurecia” program which is their HR department’s system for keeping their employees happy.  This program allows for employees to move around freely and know what is expected of them.  This is a very valuable and rare thing for companies in America to do as is may cost more in initial investment, but I imaging the happier employees lead to higher productivity.

After the visit we went to lunch at an Italian restaurant called Aposto in the town square.  It was really authentic and pretty cheap.  After lunch we met up with a religious professor from another university in Germnay and toured several churches that played a role in the religious saga of Martin Luther exactly 500 years ago.  It was very interesting to see the beautiful churches and hear about how the people who ran them 500 years ago helped change the course of modern religion.

It is a huge coincidence that it is the 500 year annisversery of Martin Luther’s 95 thesis while we are in Germany.  I suspect that there will be a lot of things going on to commemorate it.IMG_3719

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