Day 9: Donghua University

          Today was the first full day in Shanghai which was spent at Donghua University. We got to hear a lecture about ecommerce in China that was somewhat similar to the lecture given in Beijing, followed by lunch and a tour with some of the students our age at the University. The lecture was interesting because it’s always important to learn how markets all over the world operate since at any one time I could be working for a company located in several different countries. Additionally, it’s important to learn because I could be working with people from China, so knowledge of that market might make it easier to understand where my potential Chinese coworkers are coming from.

            After the lecture we got lunch at one of the cafeterias at the University with the Chinese student assigned to us (and William tagged along), but unfortunately I wasn’t particularly hungry today so I only ate the rice soup. Although it was somewhat plain, I think that it still has market soup beat by a mile.

            The tour of the University was also relaxing because we got to just take a walk and look around. I personally thought that the University had a beautiful campus and in particular I loved that they had a nice soccer field. I grew up playing soccer, so it was very cool to see that others were playing at this University. Thus far in China I haven’t really seen too many people playing sports and soccer in particular.

            To conclude the trip to Donghua University, we learned how to make a Chinese knot. With the help of Jacob and the Chinese students, I created a knot that looked like a flower and made it into a bracelet that I am going to give my mom for mother’s day.

            Once I was done taking my much needed four-hour nap, some of the guys and I went into the city and got dinner in a mall and then just walked around. We got to see some of the really cool lights again as well as get a taste for how busy Shanghai can be at night. To conclude the day we stopped and got ice cream at a street vendor, which tasted different than ice cream in the United States, but I definitely liked it just as much.

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