Day 10: Made in China

Today was an overall uneventful yet relaxing day. The program itinerary for the day was the shortest of all the days thus far and we spent an overwhelming majority of the scheduled time traveling on the bus. Our destination of focus today was Yangshan Port, the largest shipping port in the world. The port is located on an island off the east coast of Shanghai. To get there, the bus ride took about two hours and included the spanning of the world’s second longest bridge, which connected the island to the mainland. The bridge spans 35 kilometers and it’s so long, that until you get about a quarter of the way across, you can’t see the other end because of the Earth’s curvature. During the bus ride, we received a lecture about logistics from a professional in the industry named Mac. Mac works at a freight-forwarding company called Toll which, from his description, acts as a travel agent for shipping containers by handling the logistics of arranging the containers’ travel between destinations all for a fee. Mac told us all about how much goes into the logistics industry and the need for new young minds in the industry.

When we reached the port, we drove to the top of the central hill on the island where we could see a massive expanse of cranes along with what seemed to be hundreds of thousands of shipping containers, which were waiting to be loaded on the ships that stopped in. After seeing the scale of the port, it became easier to grasp why such a large amount of the world’s manufactured goods are made and shipped from China.

After visiting the port, we drove for another hour and a half back into the city to a restaurant where we would have lunch. The lunch wasn’t too different from most of the other meals we’ve had arranged through the program. The only difference was we were served six cold dishes followed by six hot dishes, an order customary for Chinese banquets. When we returned to the hotel, I relaxed for a while, took a nap, and ended the night chatting with some of my fellow classmates.


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