Day 11- Finals in Germany

Today was a relatively short day content wise, but it felt like one of the longest.  We had nothing scheduled for the day except for our final company presentations at 5.  Luckily this meant we got to sleep in.  My group and I had done most of our preparation for the presentation earlier in the week, so we didn’t meet to work on it until later in the day.  We started the day by getting some lunch from the university cafeteria.  The food there was delicious and they even had fresh smoothies to drink.  After that we met up with some of our group members to practice going through the slides.  On our first run through it was obvious that we had a little too much information in some sections of our presentation and we would have to shorten it to not go over on time.  After making a few short corrections everything was going smoothly and we felt ready.  We took a break from working and our group members took us to a nearby ice cream place to relax and have a cold treat before we had to present.  We even had some extra time to hang out then by the university pond and enjoy the sun shine before we had to present.

              The presentations themselves went well.  My group, Faurecia, went third.  I was a little nervous while sitting though everybody else’s presentations before ours, but when it was our time to go things went well.  I felt very relieved when it was over.  SpinelloM36.jpgI am looking forward to enjoying the last two days in Germany without the pressure of these presentations anymore.

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