Day Eleven: Presentations

Wednesday, May 17th

Today we had our company analysis presentations. The companies being presented on were SGL, KUKA, Hirschvogel, Faurecia, and BMW. My group did the analysis of BMW and talked a lot about their strong past and ability to shape the future through the usage of greener energy sources and autonomous driving.

We wanted it to go well so we had met up several times before today to discuss what we wanted to be in the presentation and chose to meet early this morning to run through it and make any final changes. After practicing for a while we left and ate at the Mensa again (the restaurant/cafeteria on campus). This time, I did not feel nearly as overwhelmed as I had the first time that we ate there. Instead of eating crepes for lunch, this time I had Currywurst and it was delicious! After lunch, I went back to the hotel to change for the presentation and go over my part a few times.

The presentations started at 5:00 and were truly interesting. The general feeling going into them was that we all just wanted it to be over, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting and thorough the presentation ended up.

Definitely the most stressful day of the trip so far and I’m glad its over now!

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