Lost But I Was Found May 17

Presentation day was exhausting, but I felt that my group did very well presenting BMW. It was definitely a humbling experience having the presentation be shredded by some questions, but I think my group pulled through in the end. We practiced profusely before going up, but we could not stop our YouTube video showing an ad at the beginning!

I also definitely learned a lot more than I thought I would about all the companies that we had visited. It was interesting to have experienced the same tours, but to hear a different and more factual analysis of what we actually did, rather than a purely qualitative view.

But, onto the highlight of my day. Unfortunately, I got lost at the beginning of the day before presentations. I woke up a bit late to my group’s practice session, then subsequently got on the wrong street car trying to go to the University. I had absolutely no clue where I was going and sort of wandered around for a little while before FINALLY figuring everything out. I almost had a panic attack being alone in a foreign country, but I made it this far, so I must be okay now. I will never forget to bring a map with me anywhere I go in the world now at least.

Overall, everything was interesting, but it lasted an excruciatingly long time. I also need to get a better sense of direction.

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