Munching in München May 13

There is no other way to put it: Munich was amazing. I appreciated how different Munich felt as compared to Augsburg. I considered it to be more of a “city” than Augsburg because of the size, number of people (mostly tourists like us), and sheer amount of over-priced stores. It was great getting a guided tour around the heart of the city and learning about everything from the former ruling class in Munich to the fame of the Hofbräuhaus firsthand. If there is one thing I love about Germany, and there are many things, its that there is always so much history surrounding you. Everywhere you look there are remnants of Germany’s illustrious history, so it feels good to know that Germany is still thriving.

I accomplished many feats today. My first accomplishment was absolutely demolishing two very large bratwursts for lunch. It was definitely worth it, although I might regret gaining a couple pounds when I get back to the states. Fortunately, all the walking and climbing up stairs for pictures can count as cardio anyway, so maybe I will make it out okay.My second accomplishment was buying all of my souvenirs for my family. For my father I bought a very classy bier stein. For my brother, a German snow globe since he collects them. My mother’s souvenir was the best of all, even though I love my family equally (just in case a family member reads this). My mom has always wanted a hand-carved wooden cuckoo clock, and everywhere I looked all of the nice ones were absurdly expensive. They were also enormous so there would have been no way I could have fit one of them into my suitcase. Luckily, I was finally able to find a decent one that was cheap enough for me to afford and easy to transport. I think she will love it.

There is still so much to do in Munich, so I think I will go back during the free day to finish exploring the city. Until next time.

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