At the Heart of it All | Samstag


The weekend started with a streetcar ride to Haunstetterstraße station and then took a train to downtown Munich. Upon our arrival we walked from Munich train station to the main center square, Marienplatz. There, we met our tour guide for the afternoon, who took us on a walking tour of the city. We visited the Glockenspiel tower, many churches, Munich’s town hall square, and were able to observe a major Catholic celebration festival on the Saturday.

After the tour, the group collectively climbed up a small church and opened the door to a marvelous lookout point at the top. I was able to intake a full, 360° view of Munich, identifying the Glockenspiel, the Olympia monument, Allianz Arena (home stadium of FC Bayern Munich), and the Swiss Alps in the distance. Then, we took the traditional German route to lunch in Munich and went to the main food stand markets in the middle of the city. It had a stand for every type of food imaginable: fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, meats, beverages, and even cheeses. After quickly munching on an incredible German vegetable sandwich, the rest of the day was ours to enjoy. We were on our own in Munich.

I enjoyed all of my free time by walking up and down the streets, peaking into several small souvenirs shops, and appreciating the culture of a big German city. Everything about Munich was a dream; it had an ancient architectural look, with the active and lively modern atmosphere. Everyone from children to seniors strutted with smiles and found some sort of enjoyment in town. Munich was the perfect example of why I can’t stay away from Europe and always find myself coming back. (Maybe I’m scouting out the best place to call home in the years to come).

Our day ended with a dinner at Hans im Glueck, an American-German restaurant, and an Olympic sprint back to the train station to return to Augsburg. I am thrilled I did not have to say goodbye just yet, as I returned to Munich for the one day I remained in-country after the program.

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