Looking back, I was somewhat hesitant to travel to Germany as it was my first true experience abroad. However, any anxiety or emotion I had over the trip was quickly put to rest upon landing in Munich. Simply put, Plus3 Germany 2017 was a once in a lifetime experience. I cannot speak highly enough of the program.

The opportunity to learn about a new culture and an entire industry, all while having a blast with new friends and having new experiences cannot be matched. While Pitt students like to joke about the business school’s motto “From the Classroom, To the City, To the World” I truly felt like I was accomplishing those ideals each and every day in Germany. If I could go back, I certainly would and I will be recommending Plus3 to every freshman I meet next year.

If I could take one thing back to America from Germany, it would be the livability of the country, with its fantastic mass and public transportation options that come on time, every time, and cobblestone streets designed for walking. If I could give one thing to Germany from America, it would be iced coffee. Just trust me, Germany.

All that being said, before I give my send off, I have a number of people to thank — the “business org” students for being my home abroad — the other Plus3 students for being a resource and friend whenever called upon — Brad, Dr. Feick, and their German counterparts for an incredibly well-planned and seamless trip and their wisdom and knowledge — the German students, especially Matthias and Hirschvogel group, for being so welcoming and kind — the companies that gave us their time and insight — my parents, for supporting my academic endeavors — and finally, the Henry E. Haller Jr. Chair, Honors Scholarships for making my trip possible.

Thank you for reading and “Tschüss!”

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