Day 7: Terracotta Army

With its incredible history, breath-taking scale, and intricate detail, the Terracotta Army has been my favorite site yet. There were 3 massive dig sites, enclosed in hangars, that told the history of the site. The first site contained mostly unearthed and fully reconstructed warriors, including foot soldiers, archers, generals, horses, and carriages. Each statue was 6 feet tall, and there seemed to be endless rows of them. The second dig site was impressive because it was incomplete. The soldiers were still in pieces on the ground, and until then I had not understood the truly monumental task that putting everything back together has been. It was like a jigsaw puzzle of priceless artifacts just waiting to be put back together. The third and final site was simply an untouched dig site that they haven’t had time to excavate yet. After doing some reading about the Terracotta Army, I learned that it will take an estimated 500 years before the site is fully excavated. I can only imagine what is still buried, but I am extremely grateful to have seen the 8th wonder of the world being discovered before my eyes.

Afterwards, we ate Xi’an hamburgers at a restaurant near the Terracotta Army dig site. They were very different from American burgers, but were good nonetheless.

Later in the day we went biking on the city wall in Xi’an. The city wall in Xi’an is one of the few city walls in China that is still fully intact today, so to be able to bike around was a great opportunity. The downtown area and the wall made for great views, and my group barely made it back in time we stopped so often for photos.

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