Germany Here I Come

Hi everyone! My name’s Jackie Guhl and I’m currently a freshman in the College of Business Administration here at Pitt. At the moment I am planning on double majoring in Accounting and Business Information Systems with a minor in Administration of Justice and a certificate in Business Analytics. Yeah, I know that’s a lot, but I’m up for the challenge. I currently live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, also known as Amish Country. No, unfortunately, I am not Amish, but I know a few people who are. I’ve been playing soccer pretty much my whole life and although I don’t play competitively anymore, I still like to kick a ball around whenever I have time.

I am extremely excited to go to Germany on this Plus3 trip. I chose Germany because in High School, I took German for 3 years and what better way to utilize this knowledge than by going to Germany. I’ve always wanted to travel abroad, but I’ve never actually had the chance to traveled outside of the US, so the Plus3 program is the perfect opportunity to do it! I’m also looking forward to better understanding the business of the auto industry as well as the differences between business here and business abroad. That’s all for now. See you in a couple weeks!


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