Dublin Bound!

Hello! My name is Nyra Benjamin I’m currently a sophomore double majoring in Mandarin Chinese and Finance here at the University of Pittsburgh. I am so excited to return to Europe and complete my first of many study abroad experiences in Dublin, Ireland!

As a child of two immigrants, I grew up listening to my parents’ stories of journeying and eventually settling upon foreign land. I’ve come to cherish and value different countries and their cultures through their experiences and my own travel and research. This program was initially attractive to me because of the opportunity to earn 3 credits towards my Business degree in a two week span. It also promised the opportunity to explore global Tech and Innovation giants (like Apple and Google!) through Irish lenses. With my current understanding of Ireland as a corporate destination to many companies and its almost preposterously low corporate tax rates, I hope to gain a sense of the foreign competition that exists in this market.

I’m also looking forward to gaining a cultural understanding of Ireland through site visits and cultural activities as it is a country I’ve come to learn so much about within the past few weeks here in Pittsburgh.

I’ll be documenting this exciting experience with frequent blog posts with lots of pictures of my adventure in Dublin. Stay Tuned!


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