Eccitato per Milano!


My name is Noah Rosenfeld. I’m a rising sophomore in the College of Business Administration majoring in both Finance and Economics and minoring in Museum Studies. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently reside in a suburb called Flourtown, which borders the Northwest corner of the city. My passions in life are split between the world of investments and the world of art and culture.

My time this past year at school has, for the most part, been spent either in class or in clubs. I’m an active member of Enactus and will be continuing my involvement next year as Vice President, running the club’s new Venture Capital Fund. I was also able to learn a lot about investments and financial analysis as a member of Pitt’s Socially Responsible Investment Portfolio and will continue that work in the fall. I’ll be carrying this experience with me after Italy this summer as I’ll be working with a Wealth Management group at Morgan Stanley in New York City.

I’m excited to depart for the Plus3 Italy trip as it’s my first time traveling to Europe and is centered around fashion, one of my biggest passions and something I wasn’t able to explore on campus as much as I would have liked to this year. The fact that we will be visiting so many wonderful Italian cities from the fashionably metropolitan streets of Milan to the romantic canals of Venice and the grandiose lakeside villas of Lake Como makes this trip even more special for me. I’m looking forward to meeting with the artisans who imbue these garments I see in stores and on the runway with the passion, energy, and ever apparent quality that Italian-made goods are renowned for. As a foodie, I also can’t wait for authentic Italian food and the leisurely and lengthy meals common in Italian culture. Watch this space for updates in the coming weeks on my adventures in Italy and hopefully a glimpse of the stunning scenery as well.


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