Pre-departure Report: Dayna Sepulveda

International experience to date:

My international experience includes two countries besides the United States. I have went to the Dominican Republic for the first 5 consecutive years of my life. I also went back when I was in 6th grade and once again in 11th grade. My past summer I also went to Bermuda on a cruise for three days.

Why I want to go to China:

China is a country that is filled with endless opportunities. I found the China Plus 3 program to seem the most enriching in terms of cultural experiences and industry opportunity. This trip will help enlighten me in the business industry and hopefully teach me more about business within a global standpoint.

Cultural differences:

There are many cultural differences that I could experience within China. The main difference would be the language barriers. Also, China is a country with a more conservative and traditional culture which is different especially from where I am from and how I was raised. Especially, in the way I may dress.

Political differences:

I know that between the United States and China, there are many political differences. One major difference is that fact that China is lead under a communist party whereas in the United States, we are lead by a democratic system. Personally, I do not feel affected by this since I don’t see how this will affect my overall experience and it may actually be interesting to observe a country which is lead under a different political system.

I think the students in my country will be:

I think the students I may meet within China will be very different than myself. I feel that technology is more integrated within there school systems. Also, the way there school functions will most likely differ greatly from the American school system. They may have a harder curriculum and also I feel as if the teaching styles within China are different as well.

Differences in living conditions:

China is a populous country. I feel as if this leads to a difference in living conditions because there are so many people. I could from a town with about 100,000 people. I cannot even imagine having millions. With such a large population, I believe that it greatly affects the way there society runs, it most likely does not have that small town vibe.

Experiences I’m looking forward:

The experiences I am most looking forward to is the ability to see such historical pieces of landmark. One thing that the united States lack is the fact that it is a new country. However, Chinese culture has been around for centuries. The country is filled with so much history and depth, I cannot imagine seeing anything more beautiful than the Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven.

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