To Italy We Go

Hi everyone! My name is Alexa Pace and I’m a Marketing major and Spanish minor in the business school and I am hoping to complete the International Business Certificate. I am from the snowy city of Buffalo, New York and have lived there my whole life. However, Toronto is a second home to me with my mom living there, so I split my time between both cities. I have one brother, Salvatore, and four step brothers. At Pitt, I am a part of Pittsburgh Attacks Cancer Together (PACT) and the Fashion Business Association (FBA). Starting in the fall, I will be the director of public relations for FBA. Some things I love to do are travel, shop, do makeup, drink smoothies and watch Netflix!

I have traveled to Italy before with my family when I was seven. However, having been seven I do not remember much. The only things that really stuck in my mind were no cars in Venice and so many pigeons! With that said, finding out that I may have another opportunity to travel to Italy I had to jump on it. I love traveling and everything that comes with exploring new places and learning about new cultures so before coming to Pitt I knew I wanted to study abroad. When I heard about Plus 3 as a program for business students, I was so excited. When I heard that the Italy Plus 3 was focused on the fashion industry, I was already asking when and how to turn in my application. This study abroad program is the perfect mix of everything I love: business, fashion and culture!

I definitely am most excited to see Italian fashion. I plan to people watch and see new trends everywhere. On top of that, I am excited to meet so many new, amazing people and eat some great food. I am counting down the days!img_0816.jpg

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