Pre-Departure Post


Hi everyone! To introduce myself, my name is Emily Eason and I am a marketing and communications double-major at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m originally from Rochester, NY which is known for our infamous garbage plates and being the hometown of the Wegmans empire, but I chose to come to Pitt because the city of Pittsburgh stole my heart. On campus – besides taking classes – I am involved with Pitt Pathfinders, Music Theatre Club, Women in Business, and Theta Phi Alpha sorority. I like to keep pretty busy.

One of my biggest passions is makeup, and because of that I hope to go into cosmetics marketing after graduation. I chose the Plus3 Italy trip because the fashion/textile and beauty industries go hand-in-hand with one another. The idea of studying abroad has always been pretty intimidating to me, but I’m hoping this program will help push me out of my comfort-zone. I think that in business today you have no choice but to have a global mindset and I am hoping that this trip will inspire me to go on more trips in the future and continue to learn about new cultures.

I’m excited for Italy because of the FOOD. I would eat pasta or pizza every day if I could so the fact we are going to have the chance to try those things from the place known for making them is my absolute dream. I’m a little bit nervous just because of the fact I don’t know any Italian, so daily things like getting directions or reading signs is going to be a constant challenge for me to overcome.

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