Costa Rica: I’m heREADYa!

I, to start, am very excited to see everything that Costa Rica has to offer. After hearing about Costa Rica’s efforts to maintain their environment, I am even more excited to visit. As someone who loves to spend as much time outdoors as possible, I find it nice to know that this country prides itself on keeping its ecosystems in tact. These initiatives make the country seem much cooler in my mind. Knowing how important the environment is makes me think of Costa Rica better than some other Central American countries who might not have think about their environmental impacts as much.

In looking into Costa Rican environmental initiatives. First, the Payment for Ecosystem Services is an interesting initiative. This functions as the name might suggest-landowners are paid for protecting ecosystems. As opposed to a regulation that prevents citizens for using certain land, it provides an economic incentive for some people to protect that same land.

Another initiative is one pushed by the Rain Forest Alliance,  with its goal to create a process for creating coffee that is sustainable for the both people of Costa Rica and the environment. It encourages farmers to preserve trees and phase out pesticides, two practices that are not commonplace.  While many farmers use pesticides, they harm the wildlife. This does not result in a sustainable coffee-growing atmosphere.

Lastly, I cannot wait to go to  Costa Rica. With Earth Day just happening I have seen so many pictures of the beautiful Costa Rican countryside that have made me even more anxious to see them in person. Also, as a coffee-lover, this trip could not be more fitting for me! Doesn’t hurt to get away from the Pittsburgh weather, either.Coffee Cup



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