Pre-Departure Report

My international experience to date is: 
My travel experience up to this date include my family vacations with my family to places other than mainland U.S. including the Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. In all of these trips, though I was on vacation, I still learned a lot about the cultures of the people in each country. Cultural awareness is very interesting and important to me so when I went on these trips I took note of the differences in food and music and tradition.

I want to go to China because: 
I want to go to China mostly because I love experiencing new things. I have never been to the continent of Asia and I think this would be an amazing experience for me because not only will I experience a new culture but I will be learning about an industry I find very intriguing, the smartphone industry. I think I can learn a lot about the industry in a country that does so well in this industry.

I think the main professional work differences I will experience will be: 
I think the main professional differences I will experience will be how their culture transcends into their work habits. I think I will notice that seniority and respect in the work place is very important to them as compared to workers in the US.

I think the main cultural differences I experience will be:
I think the main cultural difference I will notice in China is the increased stress in respectful behavior and conservative beliefs. In the US there is a lot of blending of ethnicities and therefore a mix of cultural differences that we face and are accustomed to. In China, I think there will be less diversity in culture compared to the US.

I think the main political differences I experience will be: 
China is a communist country which is different from capitalism in the US. Things Americans believe about their role as citizens is different from how the people in China may view their role as citizens. Because of this major differences will come to play in how people discuss topics of the government in their society.

I think the students I meet in my country will be: 
I think the students I meet in China will be very similar to me in more ways than different. I think all students have the same hopes of achieving their goals and doing well in school. The main difference I might experience is their different interests from me such as music and hobbies because they are from a different culture.

I think the major differences in living conditions will be: 
I don’t really expect that many differences in living conditions because of the fact that China is a very developed country especially compared to America. Some living condition differences I might experience is the difference in living standards. Things that I might find essential may not be thought of as significant because of their different values. I think in households because of their different values, they  might not view what I call necessities as such.
I think the most enjoyable experience I will have during this trip will be:
I think visiting the Great Wall will be a very enjoyable experience. I have always wanted to visit one of the world’s wonders and this will be such an experience to actually see one of the worlds oldest structures rich in Chinese history and culture. I can’t wait to experience that for the first time.


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